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Nimall belongs to Qpendo, a cross-border e-commerce brand going abroad, a maternal and child life brand mainly for the Middle East market, the main products include maternal and child personal care, clothing, toys, mother and child daily necessities, etc. Relying on high-quality raw materials for the supply chain, creating excellent maternal and child personal care designers, exclusive maternal and child personal care products in the Middle East market, once launched, the products have been well received. Nimall brand was founded with the aim of giving children and mothers the most beautiful and meaningful gifts. With a similar and rigorous standard process to create the most amazing mother and baby products, with the sincere desire to create the best quality children's brand. 200 million views and more than 10 million likes for just one video - At the beginning of November, we expanded the process to include all types of motorcycles, which resulted in a wider spread than before in terms of the number of requests, views and likes of the videos.

Company Name: Qpendo Ltd
Registration Number: 3176888
Company Address: Room 706, Building No. 4, Zhongfu Plaza, YiwuCity, Zhejiang Province, China

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